New Year, New Sport?!

It’s the start of a new academic year so why not introduce a new sport into your curriculum?

Sitting volleyball is a fun and inclusive team sport played sat on the floor that is perfect for playing in schools for a variety of reasons:
o Inclusivity – young people with Special Educational Needs or a disability can play with able bodied class mates
o Fun and different
o Easy to set up
o Played in relatively small spaces (e.g. Small halls, classrooms)
o Lots of people can play at the same time (a badminton court can easily accommodate 12 or more)

The Sitting Volleyball Experience offers a range of different options to schools to allow them to use the sport in the most appropriate way for them.

We can deliver coaching directly to children and young people, introducing them to the sport, challenging their movement skills, developing ball flight perception and teaching techniques specific to volleyball.

Teacher Training
As well as showing teachers how they can deliver some of the above information themselves, we will also highlight the other key areas that staff will need to know such as how to set up a court, equipment recommendations, how to adapt and develop the game and how it can be used to highlight topics around inclusion and disability.

Leadership Training
Similar to the teacher training, we can work with young leaders to allow them to deliver some sitting volleyball sessions or organise competitions for other young people.

Competition organisation and delivery
Competitions can be delivered internally or between a number of different schools. We can deliver the competition on the day as well as advising on rules and formats during the organisation of the event.

Paralympian Visits
There is also the possibility of arranging a visit from a Paralympian alongside or instead of any of the above activities. This can allow young people to hear the stories of players who played at London 2012 and ask any questions they may have.

For more information or to arrange any of these sessions, please contact

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